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Development, production, and sales of intelligent mobile Al video surveillance products

Intelligent solutions

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Intelligent solutions

Dedicated to providing commercial vehicle safety and information technology solutions with artificial intelligence as the core

AI makes travel safer

Ruichiman has always focused on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, deeply laid out the intelligent car industry, created intelligent terminal car equipment, explored multiple application scenarios of intelligent car Al visual solutions, enabled Al Weineng to be in the car, helped upgrade the intelligent safe driving mode, and jointly built safer and more intelligent travel.


Focusing on AI video solutions for connected vehicles

About Us

Richmor is a Chinese high-tech enterprise specialized in development, production and sales, mainly provides video security solutions and produces mobile video surveillance products such as AI MDVR, MNVR, Dashcam, Bodycam and other vehicle cameras. It also has developed its own vehicle management platform with active safety alarm.

Focusing on the enterprise and understanding the development milestones of Ruichiman

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